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Height: 6'0"   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown

selected WORK


The Surrender  I  Columbia University MFA  I  Dr. O  I  dir. Ares Harper & Goldie Patrick

Girl With the Red Hair  I  Face to Face Presents  I  Dr. Watkins/Pamela  I  writ/dir. Anthony Laura

The Program  I  Falconworks Theatre Co  I  Nicky  I  dir. Pink

Wounded  I  Chain Theatre I '74 I dir. Cassidy Kepp

That's How it Happened  I  Paula  I  New Perspectives Theatre Co.  I  dir. Melody Brooks

20/20  I  Her  I  Obsidian Theatre Festival  I  dir. Brian Demar Jones

Clubbin  l  Beth  l  Planet Ant  l  dir. Audra Jantz  l  written by Kelly Rossi

Roost   I   Ashley   I   Plowshares  Theatre Company   I   dir. Gary Anderson

Mea's Unique Garage Sale  |  ensemble   |  Theatre Nova |  dir. Joel Doty

Homeless & Alone/Bored/Sanora Sanora |   various  |  Detroit Repertory Theatre |  dir. Amber Nicole Price

'Fore I Wake |   Annie Mays  |  DPL Playwrights' Lab Showcase |  dir. Amber Nicole Price

The Whore of Shomron   |   Jezzie   |   DHT Festival   |   dir. Lillian Washington

The Exchange  |   Jewel Morgan   |   Planet Ant Theatre   |   dir. Charity Clark-Anderson

He Said Yes   |   Vera Brown   |   Planet Ant Theatre   |   dir. Amanda Ewing

Evidence of Things Unseen   |   Abigail Caldwell   |   Detroit Repertory Theatre   |  dir. Lynch Travis


The Dentist  |   Columbia   |    Lang Theatre   |   dir. Eugene Lang Drama Dept.

Folger Shakespeare Festival   |   various   |   Folger Theatre   |   dir. Jack Bursk


Ball in a Box I supporting I Michael Ronca I Nine Muses Entertainment

Merry Go Round I lead I dir. Kara Canton I MPI

The Social Worker  I  lead  I  dir. Bryan Gibbs  I  Papaya Planet Prod.


Affliction  I   Supporting  I   dir. Charles A. Kennedy Jr.   I  CK JR Productions 

Dangerous Creation (in prod.)  |   featured  |  Obscura Broadcasting Co. |  Andrew Alden


Ocho Puertas   |   featured dancer  |  dir. Paloma & Gabriel Suau   |   Ninguna Ciencia

DreamMakers: The Documentary  |  self  |  dir. Paloma Suau  I  Ninguna Ciencia  

212  |   featured  |   dir. Anthony Ng  |  Blue Fish/212 productions, llc   

Guest of Honor  |   ensemble  |  Rope Productions    


Chair Gang  | guest star  |  dir. April Washko  I  Facebook Watch

Sketch  I  series regular  I  dir. April Washko

University of Mi Training  |  ensemble  |   Michigan Media


T. Schreiber Studio  I  Ongoing Advanced Scene Study  I  Peter Jensen

Stage to Screen Intensive  I  Jeffrey Dreisbach  I  Actor's Connection

Theatre Intensive  I  Alaine Alldaffer  I  One on One

William Esper Studio   |   Conservatory Program   |   Bill Esper

​Studio Theatre  |  Summer Intensive  |   various instructors

Folger Shakespeare Festival  |   various |   Jack Bursk

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